Replacement Vehicle Cover

Anybody who has ever been left without a vehicle following an accident can relate to the frustration and inconvenience it causes. That's why Connect Insurance are looking out for you and hopefully preventing you ever being in that predicament. We can arrange Replacement Vehicle Cover for you with one of our insurance providers that can protect you from the headaches of not having a vehicle when you need one. The policy will be available in the circumstances that you are unfortunate to be involved in an accident and your underwriter is unable to provide you with a suitable vehicle.

The Replacement Vehicle Cover we would arrange could either organise for your vehicle to be referred to an approved repairer and supply a courtesy vehicle in exchange, alternatively sort out a replacement vehicle through it's own national network. The Cover would only apply to the vehicle costs incurred following acceptance of the claim, and only for vehicle hire costs up to the limit specified in the Certificate of Insurance.

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