Personal Accident and Sickness Cover

Imagine this scenario - you're injured or unwell, you cannot physically work, but also know that you cannot afford to pay the bills if you don't. What do you do? How will you cope? Once you stop working then your income stops with it - unless you have significant savings to ease the burden, this could cause real issues for you.

Personal Accident and Sickness Cover is ideal for self-employed individuals who rely on their own workloads to generate income . When you work for yourself, there's no company to fund your sick pay or to sustain you following an accident. The Cover can provide payouts for Temporary Total Disablement, Temporary Partial Disablement, Sickness and even Death. You could be provided a lump sum benefit following an accident that results in a serious injury such as losing your eyesight, or you can even be paid weekly during bouts of illness up to 75% of your gross weekly wage!

The limit of the benefits range up to 7x the annual salary in the event of Death, £750+ in the event of an accident, and £750+ for sickness. Most professions are considered, even if you are employed but unhappy with the contract of employment package relating to sickness or accident pay.

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