Morgan Sports Club Approved Broker

With Connect Insurance being chosen as an insurance provider for the Morgan Sports Car Club you know you are helping the club as well as obtaining the cover you need at the most competitive price.

Why choose Connect Insurance for your beloved Morgan?

Sports Car Club members receive a discount

If you are already a member of the Morgan Sports Car Club then you will receive a discount on the price of your policy.

Modified Morgans can be accepted

Have you upgraded/ modified your Morgan car? Here at Connect we can still provide cover for your vehicle at a competitive price!

Guaranteed No Claims Bonus protection

If chosen, this means that your No Claims Bonus won’t be affected if you are involved in a crash, so a claim will not reduce your bonus.

Track day cover

Track day insurance is often described as a necessity in order to be able to fully enjoy a track day without the worry that your car could be damaged.

Wedding use cover

It's not just Rolls Royce or Bentley that have the wedding market cornered these days, all prestige cars are becoming increasingly popular to be used at weddings.

EU cover

Taking a car to the Continent is a popular option for many British holidaymakers. However, if you’re planning on driving abroad you want the peace of mind knowing your Morgan is covered.

Limited mileage discounts

A low mileage insurance policy offers significant savings to all drivers regardless of age and experience.

Breakdown cover available

Having your vehicle break down is never fun and can leave you out of pocket, that’s why we can provide breakdown cover to get you back up and moving again.

Can retain the salvage if vehicle deemed a write off

Unlike standard vehicles, if your morgan car is deemed a write off by your insurer then you will still be allowed to keep the salvage

Agreed value available

Our underwriter is open to discussing the value of your vehicle and coming to an agreement on the amount payable in the event your vehicle is written off. This means the insurer is flexible and will take in to consideration the care, time and money you have invested into your vehicle.

Uninsured legal protection included

Legal assistance to recover your uninsured losses and help you stay on the road after an accident.

24hr UK claims helpline

In the unfortunate event you are involved in a vehicle collision then we can put you in contact with a UK claims helpline open 24 hours a day. Connect Insurance are not a call centre.

Our dedicated Morgan Sports Car Club phone line to call is 01782 200712 or

Feel free to visit the Morgan Motor Company website for more information

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