Connect Insurance are a completely independent broker who pride ourselves on customer care and loyalty. We celebrated our 25th Anniversary in 2014. Since becoming established we have built strong, personal relationships with a vast range of UK based Insurance Underwriters that allow us to offer our clients not only peace of mind, but also more competitive premiums.

All of our skilled technicians have many years of combined experience in the UK insurance industry which ensures that our clients get not only the service they expect, but also the service they deserve. We can provide cover for a large range of insurance products to ensure our clients demands and needs are met, and their expectations exceeded.

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Latest Insurance News

electric car

Going Green?

Lewis Kemp | September 14th 2018

It has been a hot topic this week with the UK government proposing all EV’s (Electric vehicles) should have a green number plate to show everyone else that they are environmentally friendly and encourage other drivers to get an electric vehicle.

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Top 5 Factors When Buying A Car

Lewis Kemp | September 7th 2018

When we are looking for a new car there are many factors we need to consider, researchers asked 2000 members of the British Public what they considered to be the most important factor when purchasing a vehicle.

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How To Protect Your Parked Car

Lewis Kemp | August 31st 2018

With dark nights fastly approaching cars carry a high risk of being broken into or damaged which can turn out to be very costly! Today we will discuss the best ways to protect your car whether it is parked outside your home, in a garage or even while parked.

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Why Your Insurance Is Rising?

Lewis Kemp | August 24th 2018

With the bank holiday just around the corner, we take a minute to reflect upon the real reasons why your insurance prices are rising. According to recent industry research one insurance scam takes place every single minute in the UK alone!

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Woman sat in a car reading a book whilst the car is driving itself

Self Driving Cars, The Future Of Driving?

Lewis Kemp | August 17th 2018

It has been found that there have been a greater number of accidents occurring each year with the majority being caused by the driver, today we evaluate whether self-driving cars will help to lower the chances of driver mistakes and make our roads safer.

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