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Connect Insurance are a completely independent broker who pride ourselves on customer care and loyalty. We celebrated our 25th Anniversary in 2014. Since becoming established we have built strong, personal relationships with a vast range of UK based Insurance Underwriters that allow us to offer our clients not only peace of mind, but also more competitive premiums.

All of our skilled technicians have many years of combined experience in the UK insurance industry which ensures that our clients get not only the service they expect, but also the service they deserve. We can provide cover for a large range of insurance products to ensure our clients demands and needs are met, and their expectations exceeded.

We are committed to providing our customers with insurance products to protect the things you value most

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Latest Insurance News

A man repairing a car during its MOT

New Car Tax Rules

Gina Bailey | February 16th 2018

The Government introduced a new three band system for new cars in 2017; however it will be now that many drivers who bought new last year will see the second year charges apply to them for the first time.

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A man repairing a car during its MOT

Motorists Tricked By New Insurance Scam

Josh Brian | February 9th 2018

Thousands of motorists are unknowingly driving without insurance after fraudsters have sold fake policies. This is known as 'ghost broking' and detectives have noticed a growing number of cases where motorists have been tricked into buying fake policies.

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A man repairing a car during its MOT

Camera Vans Catch Drivers On Phones

Josh Brian | February 2nd 2018

As we all know, polices forces across the UK are regularly using mobile speed camera vans to catch speeding motorists, but did you know they also use them to snap drivers either not wearing their seatbelts, or on the mobile phones whilst behind the wheel.

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A man repairing a car during its MOT

More Funding Needed For Local Roads

Gina Bailey | January 26th 2018

The Local Government Association (LGA), who represent 349 English councils, want the Government to spend more money on England’s local roads. They found that the Government plans to spend around £1.1 million per mile...

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A man repairing a car during its MOT

No Plans To Change New Cars MOT

Gina Bailey | January 19th 2018

The Department of Transport has confirmed that a new car's first MOT test will stay at three years. Last year it a public consultation was announced to gauge the opinion about extending a cars first roadworthiness test to 4 years.

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